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Who is the ugliest active player in pro sports?

My vote: Blake Griffin. He’s amazing at what he does, but he’s no looker. Another ugly NBA player: Joakim Noah.

MLB? I think I have to go with Aaron Harang.

NFL is tough, but I’ll say Kyle Orton.

And NHL, they’re just all ugly.

~Close Call~

Who’s your ugliest for each sport?


  1. jahla answered: blake is fine ass fuck. just saying….
  2. metromarginalia answered: MLB: Jack Wilson
  3. allfallsdownn answered: chris bosh
  4. lemystic answered: i bet joakim noah looks better than you.
  5. bangbangplay answered: I definitely agree with Joakim Noah. But omg the NHL has a TON of cute guys!
  6. heykristenheyy answered: Nahhhh DJ Mbenga is the ugliest in the NBA.
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